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Jake's Take: Joe Vs. The BS Volcano

On Today's Baseball Tonight Winter Meeting Special, they interviewed Rays Manager Joe Maddon. I was very much surprised that the BBTN crew would take their precious time to do a piece on the Rays, with all the rumor-mongering they've been doing. Maddon brushed aside all Ravech's backhanded remarks about the Rays and explained that with the right fundamentals and right players, the Rays could compete with just about any team in the majors. Stick it to 'em, Joe... tell them they can shove that projected Rays line-up where the sun don't shine.

Speaking of the BBTN 2006 Projected Rays line-up, here it is:

C:  Hall
1B: Huff
2B: Cantu
SS: Lugo/Upton
CF: Hollins
RF: Baldelli
DH: Gomes
#1 Starter: Kazmir

Reaction: Hahahaha, Rocco in RF? Huff at 1st Base, let alone on the team? Hollins??? It's puff, puff, pass guys...always remember that.

Hey, ESPN, why don't you focus on the Yankees or Red Sox... you know you're gonna do it anyways... Let Harold Reynolds make an ass out of himself, let Kruk make dumb remarks about his "days as a MLB player" and let Ravech stink up the room with his double-edged remarks. Steve Phillips is probably the smartest guy on the show and he's the guy that gave Mo Vaughn his own personal Brinks truck to "play" for the Mets.