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Hot Corner : Burroughs

The talk from the "Devil Rays Suite" seems to be that we are acquiring Sean Burroughs for Dewon Brazelton. By making this move, it sure seems that the Rays best trading partner for Lugo is leaning in favor towards the Cubs. As far as Sean, the first thing that struck me was that he really reminds me of Ex-Devil Ray 3B Dave Magadan in what he brings to the table. We are talking about a high OBP, a decent average, and a respectable defender. The good thing is that allthough he has not been a high power guy, that area could be an untapped area of his game. I base this considering that his batting coach in Padre land was his clone Dave Magadan. I am sure he has preached to him to stick with what got him to the majors, and has not really working on his power game. I like this deal as Brazelton needs a change of scenery. Say what you want, I lost respect for him last year after he stunk up the place in the first few starts, and especially his attitude after the demotion.