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Wall Street Traders

Remember when you were in school, its the the first day of classes, and the new freshman class has shown up on campus. That is what Henderson says is going on. However, if anyone knows how you should trade commodities, it is someone who has experience trading on Wall Street. The "New Devil Rays Organization" is approachable, yet they are sharp. The other MLB teams will soon realize unlike the past, you can trade with that the Devil Rays.

Topkin recaps the names we have heard splattered around the past few weeks, just like was reitereated Sunday in the Tribune.

When you are dealing with the Braves, they have an expert poker playing GM and as of now has not given in to dealing any of his prized cards just yet. I personally feel when you are dealing with the Braves, its not going to come that easy in acquiring the blue chips. Yes, we may see Marte and Lugo exchanging teams. However, the dealer never loses. We might have to use a wildcard and expand the deal by including a Baez, or a Joey.