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Three way fun once again

Last year at the trading deadline The Rays were involved in talks with the Red Sox on a three year deal that went thru Boston. DejaVu? Now its appears a 3 way deal involving the Red Sox is a possibility again. The Braves would get Renteria to fill the SS hole, where as the Rays would get Marte and another prospect.

If I were Rays, I would find a way to make this deal happen. Its nice to make use of Lugo as a building block for the future and improve the overall talent, but its hard for me to see turning down a deal that involves a top minor leaguer who has a solid track record and was once time #1 overall prospect. If you are able to land a position of need for the organization for Julio Lugo you do that deal. Lugo came to the Rays organziation as a waiver claim.

Over at Talking Chop, they have this to say about the proposed deal :

Again this is just a rumor...and thank God for that! I mean, would you deal Marte + another player/prospect for Edgar Renteria and his hideous contract? I guess you'd really have to hate Wilson Betamit to pull off something like that.
I respect the writer over at that site, but they need to get a grip and realize Marte was supposed to be doing what David Wright has been doing the past two seasons for the Mets, and Marte is not even their best 3B choice right now. He has fallen out of favor with plenty of alternatives available, and if you are able to fill a need, you do it even if involves dealing a one time coveted piece of the Braves future.