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Good, Bad, Ugly

The good news is that the Rays made no stupid moves this winter meetings.

Is it just me, or are the Devil Rays being run competently lately?  They seem to be holding out for some sweet swag for Julio Lugo, Danys Baez, and Aubrey Huff, and they're treating their prospects right.

The bad is that the Rays had an upper hand with Lugo at his all time highest value and were not able to capitalize on the value. They had a striking point where a few teams were exposed at SS position and now they have to compete with teams who can fill holes via free agency and other trade possibilities.  Sure, the Boston club has three third baseman but now they have options.  

Ugly, is that it seems like old times. We go into meetings with higher expectations and we come back looking not much better than we did before. I know Rome was not built in a day, but I can't say I was not a little depressed seeing the mighty Braves doing what they always do and look good, where it sure appears like we were hexed.

After getting that off my chest, we had a nice run last year in the second half, we have most the guys back, with Upton and rest of the young talent on the way, we have nowhere to go but up.

Boston looks like they are stockpiling alot of spare parts that don't make alot sense together.

The Blue Jays overpaid for alot of players in trades and free agents.

The Yankees are licking their wounds trying to analyze the hand that they have been dealt with the state of their payroll.

Oriole's have a crisis now with a talented SS who wants out after having to go to a reserve bank to get the cash for a free agent Catcher who by the way was not the team's greatest need.