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DRays do Radio

Welcome to the Show Andy Freed. The voice of the AAA Pawtuckett Red Sox has hit the big time.  Red Sox Nation had this to say about play-by-play announcer Freed :

There's nothing quite like baseball on the radio, and that includes the minor leagues. Here in Red Sox Nation we have the pleasure of listening not only to Joe and Jerry, but also to some of the finest minor league broadcasters in the country. One of them -- and he might be the best -- is the radio voice of the Pawtucket Red Sox, Andy Freed.

Also hired by the DRays to share play by play duties is Dave Wills who has done some ChiSox Radio the past few years.

Gone are long time DRay radio announcers Paul Olden and Charlie Slowes. Their contracts ran out, and DRays management opened up the job. Many were considered, but this duo won out.

In a move that looks like a new trend in Major League baseball, the DRays broadcasts will be controlled by the DRays organization.

The Tampa Bay Devil Rays rolled out a new business model Thursday to broadcast their 2005 games on the radio by taking the production in-house and no longer selling their games' broadcast rights to a radio station owner.

It seems this is due in part that teams are not making as much money off the radio as before. Plus, it allows them to deal with the sponsors directly.  All the games are on WHNZ 1250.

Plus, this year audio broadcasts can also be picked up on XM satellite.

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