The core 15

We know that the DRays organization is one that is set up for the future. They are building around a group of core young players. When I say future, I mean the year 2006 and beyond. Because of that, I want this diary to capture what I call the DRays-15. The DRays-15 will consist of players they will grow the organization around. These are the players that will be the core group or building blocks for the future.  In order to qualify for the DRays-15, the player must be under contract for the DRays for the 2007 season and beyond. Meaning that Aubrey Huff can not be included in the group of 15 because his contract is up after the 2006 season.  The DRays-15 will be a dynamic group of players meaning what sounds right today, may be different tommorow.

Here is the start of the list. I will give my top 5 and we can go from there til we reach the 15 based on the comments/discussion that takes place.

  1. Carl Crawford
  2. Delmon Young
  3. BJ Upton
  4. Scott Kazmir
  5. Jeff Niemann
Slots 6-15 are open. Lets start the feedback on the remaining slots...

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