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Baseball America's Top 10 pitching prospects

In a recent January Baseball America Ask BA, Jim Callis gives his top ten overall pitching prospects in MLB.  Included in that list is Kazmir at #2 who was stolen from the Mets last year, and the DRays top draft pick Niemann from Rice at #6. Anyway, here is the list.

  1. Felix Hernandez, rhp, Mariners
  2. Scott Kazmir, lhp, Devil Rays
  3. Adam Miller, rhp, Indians
  4. Chad Billingsley, rhp, Dodgers
  5. Matt Cain, rhp, Giants
  6. Jeff Niemann, rhp, Devil Rays
  7. Edwin Jackson, rhp, Dodgers
  8. Jeff Francis, lhp, Rockies
  9. Dan Meyer, lhp, Athletics
  10. Mike Hinckley, lhp, Nationals

For me, It's going to be interesting to see if Lou will still have the kid gloves on Kazmir this season. Last season, he was on a pitch count and never went more than six innings.