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Different takes on Lou

NY Newsday  says Lou deserves better:

Piniella, in the third season of a four-year deal, is playing the good sport. In a telephone interview Thursday, he talked up the additions, spoke of Neagle and Nomo as if they were Johnson and Curt Schilling

Hey Tom, the long time Tampa Tribune Sports Columnist who is now retired, says Tampa is where Lou is meant to be.

Piniella is more than just a native of Tampa. He's a Tampa Treasure. He's in the Tampa Hall of Fame. He's been honored repeatedly.

I am still surprised that Lou left a situation where the thought was that he was not given the financial resources to make it a winner, to a place where he is definately not given what he needs to compete. It just shows you that maybee he did just want to come home, and he remains comitted to his home town team moving in the positive direction.  Lou is where he needs to be.