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Has Beens

Can Nomo and Neagle actually make a contribution to the DRays ball club this season. Both Chuck and Lou hope they can.

Nomo, 36, was 4-11 with an 8.25 earned run average last season and spent two months on the Dodgers' disabled list with a sore shoulder. Neagle, 36, has had operations on his elbow and his shoulder since pitching in his last game on July 20, 2003.
I am pulling for Nomo, but why waste a spot with Neagle who has had arm troubles where has has not pitched in the majors since 2003. Sound familiar, Jeremi Gonzalez was out of baseball quite a few years before he was pitching in the majors again. If he wants to do what Jeremi did and go down to AAA Durham and show he can still pitch, that is ok with me. But, they have plenty of younger options to choose from.

Nomo on the other hand has been a top of the rotation pitcher, and if he can show the young guys a thing or two, its worth keeping him around. I am totally for NomoMania! Plus by having Nomo around, we might actually have some TV viewers (even if they are in Japan).