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Naimoli's comments on Josh Hamilton

Naimoli recently was quoted about two DRay outfielders who will miss significant time this season:

It's a shame [Baldelli] got hurt, but he'll be back, and I think [outfielder Josh] Hamilton is making strides. That's good news."

Does this sound like a quote about a player who is no longer in the Devil Rays plans? Does this sound like a player who will be missing from action for another year?  I say we will find out something about Josh Hamilton sometime soon. He does get a chance to resume his baseball career, but being away from the game as long as he has its hard to imagine him ressurecting a career in baseball. Is this the real life version of the movie the Natural?

I have heard good things about Josh lately, about how he is a changed person. Lets hope so, we've waited long enough.