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Day 1

As the first day of pitchers and catchers took place, it was also a sad day because on the following:

Tampa Bay Devil Rays : Released OF Matt Diaz.

I understand that he is not the youngest prospect in the DRays organization, but leaving the building yesterday was the organizations 2004 minor league leader in Runs, Hits, Total Bases.

Word on the street is Jeff Niemann is slated to start the year at AA. Well, we saw how long Kazmir stayed down in AA before he reached the majors. The fact he might start in AA is the best offseason move I have heard yet. Or, could he pull a John Orelud and go straight to majors? In reality, I'd like to see him come up when he is ready. When there will be no question that he is ready. When we can say lets plug him in the rotation for the next 10 years.

NomoMania is here! There was about 50 media people from Japan covering the first day.

Link blast from CBS Sportsline on the Rays:
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