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Lou's Dad

I first heard of this on the Hey Tom web site, Lou's dad has not been in good shape as of late. Today, he missed the workout with DRays to be with his Dad.

DRays are #28 on Buster's power rankings. What does he know. We could surprise some folks...

For starters, The Transaction guy likes what the DRays have going on:

With three young pitchers with as much promise as Dewon Brazleton, Doug Waechter, and Scott Kazmir in the rotation, you have to expect one of them to make the leap from might-be to actually-is. Throw in the next wave of pitching "no such thing as a" prospects (Jeff Neimann, Chad Orvella, Chris Seddon, Wade Davis ), add the embarrasment of riches in the outfield, and top it with Delmon Young, and you have actual, honest-to-God optimism in Tampa Bay these days.
The 2004 draft is looking stronger by the minute. We all know about Niemann, but there is plenty of others to be excited about. Guys like Briganc and Sonnanstine were drafted in 2004 and also made it to the list. Here is the list again in case you missed it:

1. Delmon Young, OF A-
2. Scott Kazmir, LHP A-
3. Jeff Niemann, RHP B+
4. Wes Bankston, 1B-OF B+
5. Chad Orvella, RHP B+
6. Elijah Dukes, OF B
7. Reid Brignac, SS B
8. Jason Hammel, RHP B-
9. Joey Gathright, OF B-
10. James Houser, LHP B-
11. Seth McClung, RHP C+
12. John Barratt, LHP C+
13. Gabby Martinez, 1B C+
14. Andy Sonnanstine, RHP C+
15. Chris Seddon, LHP C
16. Matt Diaz, OF C
17. Jonny Gomes, OF C
18. Jason Pridie, OF C
19. Jarod Matthews,RHP C
20. Shawn Riggans, C C

I am predicting a big year for Toby Hall. Joe Henderson, my favorite columnist at the Tribune, has a nice writeup on Hall. At this point Hall has not become the star I thought he would be as he came through Durham. I hope there is still time. The guy wants to be a Ray, and he has the offensive potential to be a good one. Like Henderson says, negative is that he is making alot of money now.