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Huffville 2005

Aubrey, the DRays greatest player of all time, is in the house :

Aubrey Huff joined four Devil Rays in reporting early Monday, making for a total of 13. Only the pitchers and catchers are required to work out before Wednesday. Travis Lee, Jorge Cantu and Dee Brown also arrived at the Naimoli Complex Monday

If there is any player on the 40 man roster that had his name in the news just about every day , it was Huff. Rumors were flying he was going to Cubs, O's, Pirates, Phillies, you name the team. Then, in a surprise move, he is shuffling to the outfield. A position he is either being showcased for, or the place that might be his best fit.

Delmon Young, the next Albert/Joey Belle? Lets hope not. The AA Biscuits will be a team to go out and watch this year with Neimann and Young slated to be on the roster.