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Tony Conigliaro Award

Dewon Brazelton this offseason won the Tony Conigliaro Award which is given by the Red Sox to a Major League Baseball player who overcomes adversity.

Speaking of Red Sox, there is a new addition to the SportsBLOGS community. Over the Monster is a Red Sox blog.

The Orioles just could not pass up Matt Diaz as he passed through waivers. The Devil Rays released him after he was designated for assignment. According to the Our Sports Central web site:

Diaz has five days to accept this claim or become a free agent.
For Devil Ray die hards like myself, it was tough seeing this guy go considering he was younger, cheaper, and hungrier than Danny Bautista. Especially, for a team built on youth, this is a hard one to understand.

Be sure to check out the new Baseball Analysts site by Rich Lederer and Bryan Smith.