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Matt Diaz Part IV

I have no idea why the Devil Rays released a guy like Matt Diaz? It seems they have plenty of other players they could have taken off the 40 man rather than a guy who led the minors for DRays in alot of different offensive categories.

In what turns out being a swap of Travis Lee for Matt Diaz on the 40 man roster, my thought was that Diaz would slip through waivers. Only because of the timing. Not because of what Matt Diaz brings to the table.  So, I thought it if he slipped through waivers, the DRays would snatch him up with a minor league deal.  

In any event, it did not happen. Is there something I am missing here on Matt Diaz. Why would a young team not want to give this guy a shot.

Anyway the saga continues. Matt Diaz was claimed by the Orioles in a new round  of waivers after being released by the Devil Rays. It was up to Diaz if he would accept the claim, otherwise he would become a free agent. In a surprise move, he has rejected the O's claim, and is now a free agent.

Where he ends its unclear at this point. But, the bottom line is he should of never of been in this situation. He should be in St. Pete right now shagging fly balls, getting ready for the 2005 season. I have yet to hear an explanation of why we let Matt Diaz go.