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Seth McClung: 2003 Spring all over again?

It was just about two years ago that Seth McClung had the "Spring" of a lifetime. You know the kind I am talking about. It happens when a player enters camp as a complete long shot to make the big league club. He goes out, takes care of business on the field, opens a lot of eyes, and has the team scrambling to find a place on the roster for him. His 2003 camp experience is chronicled by Seth himself in his 2003 camp journal.

Not only does he make it on the big league roster as part of the bullpen,  later in the year he becomes part of the starting rotation. But, Seth was not entirely well that season despite the terrific year he was having. You see, he was having elbow problems. It was a sad day that year when I heard that McClung would be shut down and have to under go Tommy John surgery. Just like that, he was dealt the same cards that A.J. Burnett of the Marlins had just recently received.

McClung would face the challenge knowing that it would be hard and long journey to make it back, but he would face it head on.

In 2004, Seth started his baseball career all over again. Just like being a minor league rookie, Seth would start at the bottom and hope to pitch well enough to make it to the Majors. In the course of the season, Seth climbed the entire Devil Rays organization minor league ladder. He started off in single A ball with Charleston, and before the year was out he was in Durham pitching for the Bulls and waiting for the call back to the show. The call never came. I can imagine that Seth was kind of disapointed about working so hard last season, and not getting the call.

This year is a new chapter. Seth McClung must be hoping he can recreate history. His chances are slim to earn a job in the pitching rotation. Those who have been following Seth McClung's career know to never count him out.