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Baldelli Rehab Update

In the Tampa Tribune today Henderson goes negative on the DRays off season moves. That's a surprise.His point is that all the Devil Rays organization cares about is saving money. To be honest, I was more disappointed last season when they seemed to have some money to spend (with the elimination of the Grieve and Vaughn contracts) . What did they do that year. Spent a big chunk of it on signing Jose Cruz Jr. That worked out well. He sort of compares the makeup of this team to an expansion team. I disagree. They have a plan, they have talent on the way. However, the ownership is so out of touch with the fan base. They continue to alienate them. However, if you put a winner on the field. It wont matter, People will come! I suggest checking out opening night 2007.

From the Times, comes an update on Rocco Baldelli's rehab. The fact that he is already in Florida working out is a good sign. They mention a July return. Well, if you saw the Super bowl, you can return from injury quicker than advised. But, I would not push it. We need him for late 2005 and the years that follow. Come back healthy and give up the hoops.
Ok, with the loss of Cruz Jr. comes a signing of Goodwin. A player who is still a major leaguer because of his speed. He had a 254 OBP last season.

One player out there who might be a good free agent signing is Robby Hammock.
He has some power. Reminds me of Robert Fick. I guess that a negative. He plays alot of positions, even catches, and has some pop. A much better signing than a Charles Johnson who is at the end of the line. Please Dodgers, sign CJ. At this point of his career, he is not needed here.