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CJ Update

Charles Johnson remains a Rockie. The Devil Rays have remained firm that they wont give up much for him.

Despite an injury to catcher Tim Laker, the Devil Rays are reluctant to trade prospect Shawn Riggans for the Rockies' Charles Johnson. Johnson played well Monday, tagging out two runners at the plate.

Look for Johnson to be looking for work as the Rockies get down to their 25 man roster. Charles is the odd man out there.

From the Orlando Sentinel comes an article by former Tribune columnist David Whitley on Lou Piniella - From now on, Sweet Lou will be yelling for 2.

Piniella hasn't thrown any bases, though he'd probably like to aim one at Vince Naimoli. He didn't promise Lou a money garden, but Piniella sure wanted a decent batter last year when the Devil Rays were 40-38. Instead, they traded their best pitcher, Victor Zambrano, for the Mets' best pitching prospect, Scott Kazmir. The deal made sense, but it reinforced the notion that Tampa Bay is perpetually looking to win someday, not today.