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DRays Familiarity Game

You saw it first at Over the Monster, now lets do it Devil Rays style. Here's a game for everyone to get to know everyone else just a little better. Copy the template below, click the comment button, paste it in the box, and then fill in your answers.

First Name: David
Favorite Team: Devil Rays
How you became a Devil Rays fan:  I grew up in Tampa as a Bucs fan, saw the area try to get a MLB team, and when I moved to NC, started following Bulls players who came through Durham. Got to see Huff play here.
Favorite current player: Aubrey Huff
Favorite former player:  Dwight Gooden
Favorite Devil Ray Prospect : BJ Upton
Stats or Scouting: Stats
BJ Upton's Position : SS

First Name:
Favorite Team:
How you became a Devil Rays fan:  
Favorite current player:
Favorite former player:  
Favorite Devil Ray Prospect :
Stats or Scouting:
BJ Upton's Position :