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Alomar had back problems in winter ball

Dave Pinto's blog had a mention of it this winter:

I couldn't find anything about it on the web, so I contacted Edwin Rodriguez who runs the web page for the winter league. He filled in some details:

    Alomar started the season in Puerto Rico already under treatment for his lower back. At least once a week he was flying to the states (don't know where) to get treatment. After the second week of the season it was too much for him, his back wasn't in good shape.

    That much I can tell you, I was asking the same when he left but nobody knew the specifics.

This is the same back injury that kept him out of action most of September. I was wondering why there's been so little interest in him, and I guess this was the reason. Could his career be over?

This is exactly how I envisioned getting Cantu's bat in the lineup. Sorry to hear that Robby is hurt, but he has not been the same player for years. But, like todays BP Triple play says, lets find out if he really is a poor man's Alfonso Soriano.