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Two Years from today

The place to be will be Tampa. With the ACC basketball tourney in St. Pete, and plenty of Spring training action to take in, it will be the ultimate sports weekend.

Of course, Rays roster may look a little different then. Stay tuned.

Zambrano stinking up the place for Mets:

Whoever told Fred Wilpon, Jim Duquette and Rick Peterson last season that this guy was one of the premier pitchers in the American League must have a bridge in Fred?s native Brooklyn he would like to sell him, and this for Scott Kazmir?
Payback for the Kazmir trade. Chad Gaudin. The baseball gods just could not let us get away with the lopsided Kazmir trade, so they forced LaMar to pull the trigger on a trade for a backup catcher using Chad Gaudin as the bait.

An update on Gaudin from Blue Jay camp:
This week, he's getting a fresh start as he tries to make the roster of the Toronto Blue Jays, who obtained him for catcher Kevin Cash in December. Toronto's new pitching coach, Brad Arnsberg, said that Gaudin has a "smooth delivery" and has noticed that the now 21-year-old is an intense competitor that expects perfection.