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Day off on Monday for some

It seems these guys are on the clock and time is running out:

The Devil Rays are off on Monday but pitchers Hideo Nomo, Denny Neagle, Travis Harper and Jorge Sosa will work in minor league intrasquad games.

Lamar has even said they have an excess of relief corps and a deal is not out of the question.

They have to trim the following list. Obviously, the first 3 guys are locks. I am guessing they can allow for 5-7 spots in the bullpen. The candidates:

Danys Baez (R)
Lance Carter (R)
Jesus Colome (R)
Casey Fossum (L)
Jorge Sosa (R)
Angel Garcia (R)
Bobby Seay (L)
Travis Harper (R)
Seth McClung (R)

I think the bullpen is the biggest position battle in camp. Its an area of strength. Do you go with an unknown such as Angel Garcia, or someone you are familiar with like Travis Harper. Its a tough call. I am glad I am not making this decision. Out of this group, I'd hate to see Harper or Sosa face the cut. It appears to me that Angel Garcia may in fact make this team.