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Pitching Future is Now!

Madden: Piniella wants to coach 2 or 3 more years after his current contract expires.

Kazmir's makeup (live arm and confident disposition) is what has him slated for the on the job training at major league level.

If the Devil Rays high command wants to brag on about the kids, so be it. Piniella plans to play them. Broken-down Robbie Alomar, Denny Neagle and Hideo Nomo, the high-profile former All-Stars GM Chuck LaMar brought in off the baseball scrap heap right before spring training, aren't going to be on this team.
This is not New York media that Kazmir will be up against on a daily basis. Put the Kazmirian Devil Ray out there and see what the young phenom might do. But, they must stick with him. Pencil him in there for the next 10 years or so. There should be no looking back. Better yet, use permanent ink.