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Navy Day

Devil Rays 5, Navy 2: I know its just Navy, but I am glad to see Waechter get off to a good start.  I am pulling for him and Brazelton winning spots in the rotation. Cantu continues with his Jeff Kent imitation. Tell me again why we needed Alomar.

JFK (Joe Freakin Kennedy) was named the starter for the Colorado Rockies opening day. We got some value for Kennedy in Hendrickson, but its a shame Lou and Kennedy could not get on the same page. I hate to see a young arm traded before you get a good read what type of pitcher he is going to be.

So much for a long term contract (as of now), as Carl signed a one year deal.

Why would you sign Danny Bautista if you could  have this duo:

Jonny Gomes has the power. Joey Gathright has the speed. Put them together, and the Devil Rays might think they had a Ken Griffey Jr. in the making.

The Braves GM says he knew of some steroid use, but could not do anything about it. I say that is a gutless. Do what you have to do. You can leak a tid bit like that to the press, they'd be all over a story like that. You are in a position of authority. His actions are no different than what LaRussa did and looked the other way.