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Very Interesting

Mr Dukes continues to get at bats this late in spring... What do the Rays have up their sleeve?

Was this a preview of the Nasty boys 2005? Seth, Sosa, and Colome kept zeroes on the board.

I'd say my blog is in this category as well : "most of them (of us, me included) spat out news that we saw somewhere else and through in a couple of wisecracks or wry witticisms or just an opinion or two."

I still have the Dale Murphy view on Alomar (remembering him his last few years rather than when he was great). But, here is a nice article from THT to remember him by.

Lastly, something to shoot for. Lets see if the Rays can beat these 2004 individual highs:

2004 Rays stat leaders:
Home Runs: Aubrey Huff 29
Average: Aubrey Huff .297
RBI: Aubrey Huff 104
Runs: Carl Crawford 104
Steals: Carl Crawford 59

Wins: Mark Hendrickson 10
ERA: Mark Hendrickson 4.81
Strikeouts: Victor Zambrano 109
Saves: Danys Baez 30

Some of these numbers like Wins, HRs, ERA, Ks should be easy to beat in 2005. Hard to believe Rays won 70 games with some of these numbers.