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Waechter has bad outing

In 2003 Waechter came on the Tampa pitching scene and it looked as if the local kid was a gem of a pitcher in the making. Since then, he has not really been the same. After today, it looks as if will be apartment hunting very shortly in Durham. Its a tough break for the young pitcher. But, if he goes down and takes care of business he will certainly get another shot to crack the rotation.

Speaking of the rotation, it seems as if its Nomo's job to lose for the fifth spot in the rotation. Bell pretty much wrapped up the #4 spot with another solid outing. So if you are keeping track, the rotation today looks like this:

  1. Brazelton

  2. Kazmir

  3. Hendrickson

  4. Bell

  5. Nomo/ McClung ?
I would tend to believe that Nomo gets a shot to show what he can do in a few starts this year. If he proves he is finished, McClung shifts from a bullpen role to the starting rotation.  Or, the Rays get smart and trade Nomo NOW while he has some value.

We have talked here before how the Rays do not get much respect. It seemed that the tide was changing after 2004. But, Chucks moves this offseason have restored the Rays image of on the downswing. Be sure to check out Z Rays as he is fired up and I like the emotion. Definately not a Ben Grieve moment. Lou would respect the energy.

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