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05 DRays bats are a problem

We are not even out of spring training yet and Lou is about to blow a fuse. The one thing to keep in mind is that we lost a #3 hitter in the Rays lineup in Tino, and really have not really replaced that type of bat. I realize Tino was at the end of the line, but he still put up a 360 OBP, something that really does not exist in the Rays current collection of hitters.

That is excluding the constant in Tampa Aubrey Huff. Speaking of Huff, its nice seeing him get off to a good start this spring. He is usually a slow starter so this might be the year MLB takes notice of this star we have in Tampa Bay.

If this guy played for a big market, he might be a media darling like a Jeter. Who knows. Someone needs to remind me who was the Rays all-star represtative last year. For some reason I remember Huff not being on the team which is a travesty.

Its time to start the "Aubrey All Star 2005 campaign". Or, it could be a movement. If you are listening, start it now. Its long overdue that Aubrey is not mentioned when talking about the young stars of the game!