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Carl's bat returns with move back to left field

I guess you could say the experiment is over. The Rays will not be on the lookout for a corner outfielder. Instead, the CF position is up for grabs as Carl Crawford is going back to left field.

"I was trying to be a team player," Crawford said. "I was happy to do that to help the team. Lou said I might play center every once in a while, and I said, 'That's cool.' But I think I would be more at ease and in my comfort zone in left."

I am not sure if the slow start by CC or the trade market had anything do with the move back to left. I think this makes alot of sense after realizing what the Rays are trying to do here.  Carl is pretty good darn outfielder so why mess with success he has shown in LF.  The move to a new position sometimes messes with their head that it affects their bat. Pretty funny how CC homered today with the move back to his natural position.