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Delmon Young to Tropicana (Yes/No)

You make the call. The Bradenton paper gives the pro/con of bringing Delmon up early.


If only the Rays had a mighty-swinging, strong-throwing gem of a talent waiting in the minors. Wouldn't it be the perfect time to bring a guy like that aboard? Wouldn't it be great to fill the vacancy with a player who might put some pop in the batting order and fannies in the Trop?

If only . . . OK, enough sarcasm. The Devil Rays have that guy.

His name is Delmon Young, and he's ready.


Rays manager Lou Piniella said Young needs more time in the minors, more at-bats, more games to build his confidence. Piniella has managed his share of prodigies. His opinion means something.

A bad summer in St. Pete can set back Young's development - or ruin him. It's happened plenty of times to plenty of can't-miss kids.

Why subject Young to that, when he can spend another summer getting ready for 2006, when he will be playing right field at Tropicana Field?