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Mets pass on CJ

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With Ramon Castro the backup catcher in NY, Mets have passed on CJ. This leaves Tampa as one of the very limited options for the former Marlin/Oriole/Dodger/Rockie.

Higginson has the Marlins interested as well. Its seems the Pirates want a starting pitcher for Mackowiak.

Nomo could seal the deal with a good outing today. Who said either Nomo pitches opening day or not at all?  Guess just like CJ, he has to realize his days left are not that long in a MLB uniform.

The Padres stole Redding from Astros.

Minor league Ball is running a projection on Delmon Young.

The 80 wins prediction(like Z Rays thinks) might be a little aggressive on the season. For comparison, Brew Crew blog mentions 76 wins for their club in the chat session with long time Brewer blogger Al Bethke. I just don't think Lou will allow for this team to regress. Either he will get some help, or he may just say this is enough at some point.