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Rays win opener

Julio Lugo on the 2005 season:

"We're a different team this year," Lugo said. "We're going to win a couple of more games."
Yes, the Rays are a different team, but a better team? Not so fast my friend. The only way this team takes a significant step forward is if Joey Gathright, Jonny Gomes, BJ Upton, and Delmon Young are given significant playing time. I am not buying it that the Rays are a better team by signing all the players on the free agent market (and overspending on a few) that nobody wanted.

Alex Gonzalez leads the Rays to a win in their first regular exhibition game. Lou was back at the office, and has got to like Rob Bell and Mark Hendrickson pitching like they did today. Harper gave up the long ball. But, its quite early to make any conclusions just yet. From the sounds out of Lou, he sounded like he had Mike Schmidt over at third base.