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Let the Moves begin

The Japan media can now book their reservations after Nomo locked up a major league contract with Rays.

Here is the thread to track the countdown to 25.

You want moves, we'll see some moves today, Can you handle the moves?

But lets look at what we know as of now.

Dewon Brazelton
Mark Hendrickson
Scott Kazmir
Rob Bell
Hideo Nomo

Danys Baez
Jesus Colome
Lance Carter
Casey Fossum
Seth McClung

Carl Crawford
Aubrey Huff

Toby Hall
Travis Lee
Jorge Cantu
Julio Lugo
Josh Phelps
Alex Gonzalez
Eduardo Perez
Nick Green

Where do these guys fit in, Will it be on the Rays 25 man roster or some place other?

Jorge Sosa
Trever Miller
Travis Harper
DLKevin Cash
Bobby Seay
Alex Sanchez
Luis Ordaz
Chris Singleton
Dee Brown
Shane Halter
Michael Restovich