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Here I am!

The hardest part of writing an introduction like this is coming up with a lead-in sentence. To avoid this issue I am talking about the problem instead of doing something about it.

Who Am I?

My name is Jim Wisinski. The majority of you reading this are already familiar with me in one way or another but for the sake of completeness I will run down my Devil Rays fan/writer credentials.

  • Writer of the Z-Rays blog which has been discontinued with my move here
  • Writer for
  • Moderator for and frequent poster on the message boards at and the Rays section
  • Frequent commenter on other Rays blogs, including this one
  • Commenter in Baseball Think Factory Game Chatters for games against the Red Sox and Yankees, a lone manta in a sea of hosiery and pinstripes
What can you expect from me?

Plenty of stats, including more advanced ones like EqA, VORP, and DIPS ERA. I'm a stathead through and through and often use them to help illustrate/back up my points. I will often write what I think is going right and wrong and may tend to complain a fair amount about stuff. When I go to a game in person I almost always have some type of notes about various things I saw during the game/at the stadium. I do similar things after games I see on TV to; not recaps of what happened, just thoughts and observations.

I would like to thank David for giving me the opportunity to write for this site and I am looking forward to discussing our favorite team with all of you.

Go Rays!