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Future is later

Excellent article by Romano:

Just understand when April rolls around, the dugouts in Durham and Montgomery could be of more interest than the one at Tropicana Field.

Sorry, but it has to be that way. No matter how loudly the fans scream, no matter how tempted the front office might be, the team's greatest objective should be protecting its investments.

And Upton is a huge investment. So, too, are Young and Niemann. Promoting them too quickly can be risky business and must be avoided at all costs.

I agree totally with what he is saying here. But, thats not the message Vince is giving us saying that this could be the most successful team ever for the Rays.

BJ Upton was messed with last year. First, by the front office telling the young phenom he is going to the show (and shortly after changing their mind). Secondly, by Lou not showing confidence in the kid and trying him at different positions, including as a DH. What type of message is that telling Upton.

From Dayn Perry of BP, he thinks that the Bossman is one special player. Even more upside than David Wright:

Upton does have defensive concerns (an error every two-and-a-half games this season and some occasionally clunky footwork), but so far the Rays are sticking with him at short. As well as he's handling the organization's hyperactive promotion of him through the system, the squandered chances to develop his glovework are troubling. He'll never be the defender at short that Wright is at third, but age-adjusted numbers suggest to me that Upton can have a higher offensive upside than Wright, regardless of positional context.