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DRays MLB Cartoons from Korea

Here are the Choi Hoon's baseball cartoons on the Devil Rays. A big thanks to Frank Lee who did the translations, and Jason of Always Amazin who provided me with them.


2004 Season AL Tampa Bay Devil Rays
70 wins 91 losses (11th, 14th)
Team Batting Avg: .258 (14th)
Team Home Runs: 145 (13th)
Team RBI: 658 (11th)
Team ERA 4.81 (9th)
WHIP 1.44 (8th)
Save% .79 (2nd)
Pretty good, considering they're in AL East!
Looking forward to next year,
and the year after that...

Carl Crawford, LF
[The numbers]: avg, HRs, RBIs, runs, stolen bases, hits, triples (the paranthesis denotes rank, in league I think) Speed King!!! "Yes! I'm number 1!" "I don't want to keep losing to this guy!"

Victor Zambrano Might as well start with the bases loaded "This is intentional! It's all about the thrill..."

Audrey Huff Clean-up hitter in name, but... "Do you even have a lineup? Why do I always have to fill holes?" "You can be the utility clean-up hitter."

Dewon Brazelton Trouble outside, trouble at home "Oooh, little Dewon can't play! Right? Right?!" "Just because you make a lot of money, you look down on me?!?"

Rocco Baldelli Undertaker of lefties "Amen"

Mark Hendrickson "Scary-cat Big Unit" [or, "Easily-scared Big Unit"] shiver, shiver... "What are you, an ostrich? Get your head out of the sand!" batting avg with runners in scoring position: .359

Toby Hall Might as well... "Okay, just swing for the fences! Oh and if you can, close your eyes while you swing!" "Wait... are you asking me to strike out?" Double play percentage in DP situations: 26.7% (1st)