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Investment 101

Have you ever had that stock or mutual fund that seems to be going through a tough stretch. You have to continue to keep reminding yourself that it is a long term investment, and not to worry so much at what it is trading at in the short term. Otherwise, you will drive yourself crazy. You are talking about not what is going on in the market today, but how your investment will be in the years to come.

That is how I have to think about what is going on with the Jorge Cantu situation. As much as you want to say he is ready to be a prime time everyday player, it might be best for the long term to ease him into the lineup. To have him learn from one of the best who has ever played second base in Robby Alomar. You say to yourself that Alomar is a "has been". Lets get the new guy in there. But, you know what happens this season is all about the year 2006 and beyond. Even the young Cantu is taking this in stride:

"I take (the signing of Alomar) in a positive way because I can learn a lot from him. He's going to be my mentor this year and I would love to have him around for a long time.

"I can play all over the infield, but in the future I will have to play only one position. If I keep putting up big numbers, I will have to find a position. Knowing how to play those three (positions) will get doors open."

Last year while everyone was focused in on Upton's rise to the majors, Cantu quietly made a strong statement with his play at Durham. When BJ arrived in Durham, he made the switch to a new position for the franchise player Upton. Cantu keeps plugging away, eventually they are going to have to find a permanent long term place for him.