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Lou Speak

What Lou said about the Rule V draft pick Angel Garcia:

`The decision [to keep or waive him] doesn't have to be made until the last few days of spring training,'' Piniella said. ``Whether we keep him, how we use him, if we do, that depends on how many strikes he throws.''

What it really means:

Unless Angel Garcia shows he can absolutely help this team now, he will be headed back to the Twins. He is not going to just take up a spot on the roster. The DRays picked an arm out of the Braves organization last year, and he did not pitch well enough to hang on. This year, the spots on the pitching staff will be harder to come by. There is a good chance they will keep 12 pitchers on the opening day 25 man roster. I'd like to think Garcia's chances of sticking are very slim.

What Lou said about Alex Gonzalez's transition to 3B:

"That's probably the play he'll have to get adjusted to more than anything," Piniella said.

What it really means:

Alex Gonzalez will be the opening day 3B. No matter how well Cantu plays, he will most likely see his share of at bats at 2B. Alex is Lou's guy, so unless there is a complete drop off by AGone, the third base competition is already over.