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This much we know

Hideo Nomo has pitched more like Jimmy Haynes this spring. Speaking of, where is Jimmy Haynes? I thought the Rays were taking a shot on one of the worst pitchers in all of the NL last year. If we see another outing like this for Nomo, get ready for Nomomania, Durham Bulls style.

When did USA Today go to 75 cents? I like to get the Mcpaper to read the box scores in the pre- season.

I made the switch. For the past year I had been getting Baseball Prospectus. But, this year I made the change to Baseball America. BP was great, especially the Will Carroll UTK column. But, when you have Baseball America right down the street in Durham, you got to go with the home team.

Yesterday, when I arrived home waiting for me in my mailbox was the new issue of BA - the Top 100 Prospects. It had all the prospects in the top 5 on the cover, except one particular player. Yeah, you guessed it, Delmon Young was not on the cover. It seems the Devil Rays "snub rule" is still in effect.

Speaking of Delmon Young, the guy just continues to hit. They better send him down quick before he actually out hits the rest of the team.  Upton so far is doing them a favor and not hitting so much. Thus, making the decision to put him and his live bat and questionable glove back in the minors alot easier.