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The Bill Pulispher Story

I was a big follower of Generation K. Pulsipher was the pitching prospect the Mets Fans had begged for.  The other pitchers that made up the tandem included former Florida State Ace pitcher Paul Wilson who was drafted #1 overall. Jason Isringhausen was the third piece of the up and coming Mets.  As the Rays begin to get excited about the can't miss products making headlines in the farm system, keep in mind there are no guarantees.

Its true that these pitchers had their injuries. But the thing that will always stick with me was that Dallas Green was completely the wrong manager for these kids. Not only was he mentally too tough on these young guns, but he pitched them too hard as a young age. Well, the organization is to blame for that for giving them large innings in the minors.

But, I think this is a story to reflect on. After thinking about this, Lou may not be that bad a manager for the young team. He is in your face, but he is a leader the kids respect. He knows about pitching counts on young arms. The organization seems to realize as of late they were pushing the kids through the system rather quickly. A slow down attitude has been shown recently with Niemann in A, Orvella in AA, and Upton in AAA.