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DRay owner Vince Must Go

The weekend incidents [1] [2] have shown that the Rays owner is a bafoon, and should not be the CEO of Major League Baseball team.

Romano is the man. Calling Vince out!

No, this has been building for quite some time. Probably from the moment his original partners began plotting their escape five years ago.

Since then, the Rays have been a team held hostage. Naimoli had all of the power, but little support from the rest of the ownership group. Budgets were tightened, and hope got squeezed.

That's why Naimoli's departure is not a choice, but a necessity. No one seems willing to invest additional capital while he remains in charge. That includes the ownership group, and the business community. Not to mention fans who no longer seem inclined to invest their hearts.

When he bought out the other general partners last year, Stuart Sternberg said a plan was in place for him to eventually take over the operation. And Sternberg, understandably, is not eager to offer additional funds until he is the one deciding how the money will be spent.

Which means, as long as Naimoli is in charge, the club is in limbo.