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Pitching Stats spreadsheet

I keep my own spreadsheets of the Rays hitting and pitching stats and make them available to everyone. I do this so I can get all the stats on one single page and also add all kinds of other ones that I want to keep track of and have them at my fingertips.

I'm going to do the hitting stats either tonight or tomorrow but the pitching spreadsheet is done. I have all the definitions for the stats on the second sheet of it, available through the tabs on the bottom. I'll update it after the game with what the pitchers did tonight.

At the moment it's only available as an Excel spreadsheet, I'm going to look into turning it into a regular HTML file too so people can view it even if they don't have Excel. I can be lazy about updating the spreadsheets but I hope to do it at least once a week, preferably more often.

It's too early to say much about the stats, though I was happy to see that Rob Bell's DIPS ERA is lower than his real ERA, further showing how nice his start on Thursday was.

So far Trever Miller has let all four of his inherited runners to score. Small sample size of course but he let almost 27% score last season, including some very memorable moments with that. I really question his ability to be a good LOOGY despite his performance against lefties last season.