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Sternberg - come on down!

The fact that Carl Crawford's contract was completed by the new owners, not Vince Naimoli, raises voices in Tampa that Naimoli might actually step down in the near future and that Gerry Hunsicker will end up the general manager

Gammons is the Hall of fame baseball journalist who is said to have the more sources than any one covering the sport of baseball. This little nugget of print is fully loaded.  

First off the story mentions new owners (plural). It should be noted that Sternberg ownership has several partners of owners where Sternberg is the main cog.

It was my understanding that the new ownership group did not want to put much of their money forward until Vince was the hell out of there. I am told the group of investors has N.Y. ties. It appears these guys have deep pockets, so it will be nothing but positive things from here on out.
Someone must of pulled the Sternberg emergency phone to get the deal done. Now, the fact that the new group had to step in is a sign that the Vince being out of the picture is not if, but when.  

Now as far as Vince goes. You can just tell by the way he interacts with the world as witnessed by the scout and the fan that Vince is a miserable person to be around, and I can not fathom those who have to work with him. I imagine you can not question any word out of his mouth, or he goes into a tirade. Basically, it would seem he probaly runs his business based on intimidation rather than having loyal soldiers who would go to battle for him. Well I guess there is one loyal soldier. His name is Chuck.

I can tell you this. The day Vince goes, Chuck will be right behind him. The new ownership group are highly successful smart guys. They will have a good people running the business.

As far as Hunsicker, he would not be a totally bad choice. He has N.Y. ties from his years working with the Mets. Alot of his deals in Houston were pretty good. Especially, of late.

He stole Backe from Chuck. Funny I say that the day Blum has one of the best days of his career. He got good value for Wagner with the best piece maybee joining the team shortly in a pitcher named Astacio. He landed to nice young outfielders in Taveras and Scott for Jeriome Robertson.

Only time will tell what happens next, but the heat is on!