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Brazelton is not a good pitcher. In his entire professional career, he has not been a good pitcher. In his future major league career (though there might be some minor-league deals with NRIs too) he probably will not be a good pitcher.

Learn that and stop pretending it will be different.

I'm not really directing this at those of you that will read this. Though not everyone has been down on him like I have, the general opinion of the online community has been one of skepticism regarding Brazelton's prospects for success. The people that need to understand this are the ones that won't see this: the local media, the casual fan, maybe even the DRO since they keep trying to promote him as a potential key to the future rotation.

At no point in his professional career has Brazelton ever looked like an above average pitcher. He has never struck hitters out or had good control. If he wasn't a former first-round pick that the organization was still building up then he wouldn't get any notice at all. The only reason there was still optimism this season was because he was hit lucky at first last season and managed to avoid home runs for the most part. As the season wore on the hits started falling in and he gave up more home runs (he's a flyball pitcher, he will give up homers) though he had a respectable total still at the end of 2004.

This has nothing to do with pitching on the road either. He hasn't been impressive at all this season and this was his first start on the road. He isn't that different of a pitcher on the road, he has had worse luck there and faced some tough opposition. No, that doesn't excuse all of it, but it's been more of a result of him having better superficial results at home than a huge problem with pitching on the road.

Nomo was awful last night too but at least he has a history of being a good pitcher at times and the potential to get back to being a quality starting pitcher. Brazelton doesn't have that pedigree nor does he have much about him to suggest future success. The sooner everyone realizes that and stops penciling him into the future plans the better.


I updated my spreadsheet with Brazelton's "performance." There are definitions on there if you aren't familiar with all the stats I'm using here.

Brazelton's season so far: 16 IP, 16 H, 4 HR, 12 R, 5.06 K/9, 6.75 BB/9, 0.75! K/BB ratio, 2.25 HR/9, 1.75 WHIP, 6.75 ERA. I won't have his DIPS until tomorrow when ESPN updates but his FIP and MFIP are 7.58 and 7.38 so his actual ERA is awful but should probably be even worse.