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Career backup Perez goes deep twice against Unit

Perez calls out the big guy saying his "stuff factor" is not what it used to be.

"I was surprised in the first at-bat. I am used to seeing Randy before, where it's mostly 98 (mph) and 99 all game. That's what I saw (when he was) in Seattle and Arizona.

"Today he's more of a pitcher. He wasn't that hard thrower."

Its one big game for Perez. Be carefull here. These words in baseball circles can come back to haunt a player.  Its an impressive feat. But, he is the Hall of Famer and you are the backup. But, heck if the Rays can get to Randy Johnson, its going to ba a long season for the Bronx Bombers.

True, they have an owner that cares. But, signing Jaret Wright over John Lieber was a bad move. Kevin Brown and Mike Mussina are no spring chickens. This team just does not have the depth at pitching like they have had for the past ten years.  Nor, do they have the farm system to bail them out like they have had as a luxury in the past.