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Sternberg Cool Aid

The Devil Rays must of had some of that Devil Ray cool aid that Lou had in his meeeting with Sternberg yesterday. The DRays with their backs to the wall somehow beat Randy Johnson and the Yankees in the Bronx to break the losing streak.  I guess you can now call Nomo "The Stopper".

In some off the field news, the Rays starting rotation will have a new look as Ex-Cub John Webb joins the rotation along with Waechter who joined the club a few days ago. Rocco goes on the 60 day DL to make room for Webb on the 40 man roster.  Hendrickson goes on the 15 Day DL to make room for Webb on the 25 man roster. I am surprised that Fossum does not get a shot at the rotation, but what do I know. Casey's numbers on the season look like this:

8.0IP    2.25ERA    10K    3BB