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Righty Hitting Outfielder

Lou has asked for a right handed hitting outfielder to add to the mix. They have even gone as far as trying to begin trying Nick Green in the outfield to get his right handed bat out there. Call me crazy, but do Rays realize the bat is in their system already. Jonny Gomes is tearing the cover off the ball in Durham.

Jonny Gomes numbers look like this on the young season:

54AB, 10R, 17H, 5HR, 20RBI, 315AVG, 391 OBP, 667 SLG

This is his second year down at the AAA level, what else does he have to prove at this level. I much rather see him getting MLB experience than wasting a roster spot with Chris Singleton.

On another note, I guess a 13 run inning gets you demoted from the rotation. Local product Waechter will take Rob Bell's spot in the rotation.