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Are we stuck with Vince?


Apparently, Naimoli has a deal in place stating he can't be removed from his duties of managing general partner, even though Sternberg owns a much higher percentage of the team.

Naimoli would have to step down on his own, and there are those who feel that is unlikely to happen anytime soon.

But who knows? Perhaps enough signatures on a Web site will convince him to walk away, to go to a place where no one will use his bathroom ever again.

Vince and the Tampa community: I can't think of an owner more hated by the community since George Shinn and the Charlotte Hornets. In that situation, the league let George take his team elsewhere and a new local team emerged thru expansion.

Vince the business person: He has from day one not marketed the team like a true business person would do with a new business. His focus has been more about making money on his investment rather than building a winning organization.  He has alienated the customer by saying until you show faith in me by buying my product, I will not show faith in you be spending the money to be competitive.  He is completely happy being the new Expos.

Vince effect on the guys in the uniform: How would you like to work for a company who has very few customers that you put your heart and soul in to become the best employee you can be. After a while it gets to a point where playing at home is not something you look forward to like it should be. Just ask the Nationals what a difference it is having a fan base finally. Its kind of sad when your minor league affiliates have better crowds than the big club.