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Kazmir takes on Red Sox

Klapisch on the 21 year old Kaz who gets the pitching nod tonite as the Rays start up a series against the 2004 champion Red Sox.

Despite struggling to stay out of last place, the Rays say they'll be patient with Kazmir even though manager Lou Piniella says, "It wouldn't harm the young man to spend half a year at Triple-A. But we're giving him a chance here. It's a lot harder at this level, but he'll learn. If he stays healthy, Kazmir has a chance to be a top-of-the-rotation pitcher."
Future is so bright with Scott. He is our best hope in the pitching department on the current roster today. He seems to have the right blend of talent and a maturity for just a 21 year old. He needs to get the walks down but I am sure he will have a good K/BB numbers before the year is out.