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The home opener vs. the Yankees last season, which the Rays won 8-4.

That's the only game I've been to that was better than tonight's.

I have some complaints about the way the pitching was handled tonight but who cares? If the Rays lose tomorrow I'll talk about it then, if they win I'll cover it in the Week in Review on Monday at Right now I'm in no mood to talk about negative things.

Lee's double to put the Rays ahead was the best moment of the year for me (I wasn't able to see Perez's home run right when it happened last night). The Trop just erupted when that happened, it's amazing how electric the atmosphere gets at a time like that. The funny thing is that early in the game there was barely any cheering for stuff with the Rays and the cheers for Boston were loud and frequent. As the game went on though and the Rays came back the support quickly turned their way, Miller getting out of the jam in the 8th and for each out in the 9th the stadium was rocking. If everybody was able to go to a game like tonight's they wouldn't be complaining any more about the stadium being dull and warehouse-like.

I'll be going again tomorrow, broom in hand!